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Dimensions: 3.35" x 1.85" x 1.04"

sanyo scp 200 phone

SCP 200

The following accessories were designed to work with the cell phones listed above.

Carry Cases
Data Cables 
  (data transfer)
Handsfree Adapter
Handsfree Headsets
Memory Card
Charger Adapters
Universal Mounts
Toolkit  /  Fun stuff

Extra Capacity Slim Battery 
Capacity: 1200mAh, 20% higher capacity than the standard battery so it will last 20% longer before needing to be recharged.
Replacement for Sanyo OEM part SCP-18LBPS
Thickness: 7.5mm - fits under your current door
Lithium ion batteries do not have "memory" issues so you can recharge anytime without first draining the cell phone battery
Our brand new replacement cell phone batteries work with your original or our aftermarket chargers.  Does not require a special charger.
Talk & standby times are highly dependent on network conditions and individual usage patterns
See the universal battery charger
Why you should buy our brand new first quality cell phone batteries
What does the "mAh" number above mean?

Car Charger Adapter (CLA) 
Recharge battery
Power phone for virtually unlimited standby and talk time
LED changing indicator
Smart IC chip protects from over-charging or short circuit
Fits standard vehicle outlets or cigarette lighter socket
Converts to a home/travel charger with the universal AC/DC power converter
See our carrying case for charger & other accessories

Replacement for Sanyo OEM part SCP-07CLA

Travel for Sanyo 200, 2300, 3100, 4900, 5300, 5400 (RL2500), 5500, MM5600, 7200 (RL2000), 7300 (RL7300), MM7400, 8100, PM8200, SCP8200, MM9000
Home or Travel Rapid Charger 
Leave the desktop charger at home or keep an extra charger in a different room
Keep this light charger in your briefcase / backpack to recharge from anywhere
LED changing indicator
Power phone & recharge battery
IC chip protected charging
Works globally: 110-240 VAC
See our plug adapters if you are traveling to Europe, the UK, or Asia
Replacement for Sanyo OEM part SCP-07ADT

Retractable Car Charger Adapter
Retractable cable extends to the length you need to recharge battery & power phone for virtually unlimited standby and talk time
Just push the retract button & the cable rewinds back into the plug for easy storage.  No more loose cable to stow away when the charge is not being used.
Compact size makes it great for traveling!
LED charging indicator and other features are the same as the standard car charger
Cable is 36" long when fully extended

Replacement for Sanyo OEM part SCP-07CLA

more chargers accessories
AC to DC Adapter for Cell Phones

<< click for additional info >>

Spare Battery Charger for Lithium Ion & Lithium Polymer Batteries
Ability to charge most if not all cell phone, pda, and digital cameras batteries under 4.3V
Compact unit with retractable AC plug makes it ideal for traveling or home / office use
Adjustable charging pins to work with  various size batteries and contact orientation.  Battery's electrical contacts can face up or the side.
Auto shutdown when battery is fully charged
4 LED indicators: charging, polarity confirmation, power confirmation, and polarity switch indicator

Desktop Charger for Sanyo VI-2300, SCP 2300, and SCP 200

LCD Dual Desktop Charger *with* AC Power Adapter
Comes with high powered AC adapter to rapid charge an extra battery at the same time as your phone/battery
LCD panel displays charging status of both the battery on the phone and the battery in the rear slot
IC chip protects from over-charging
Instruction sheet
"Power" indicates the unit is working; left four blocks is status for phone; right four blocks is status for rear battery
Desktop Charger for Sanyo VI-2300, SCP 2300, and SCP 200

Belt Holster w/ Swivel Clip
Hard plastic holster with pager style swivel belt clip
Swivel clip locks in multiple positions to allow the phone to sit vertically or horizontally (sideways)
Swivel clip can be attached to your belt, pants pocket, purse strap, etc.
Allows easy & quick access to the phone when needed

Holster for Sanyo SCP-200 and Sanyo VI-2300
Note: flip can be opened while in the holster

Custom Fit Leather Case - Black
Genuine leather case w/ a permanently attached belt clip
Belt clip is almost flat so this case will easily go into your pocket or purse
Clear and flexible plastic shields keypad / screen from dirt and damage (the clear plastic does not show up well in the picture)
Phone is fully usable while in the case
Includes the appropriate openings for accessories
Includes removable wrist strap
See more carrying cases further down the page

for Sanyo SCP 200

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DataPilot Sanyo Universal USB (DP200-118)

see list of all phones supported by this kit

 Susteen Datapilot Sanyo Kit  - Data Cable + USB Charger + Application Software 

DataPilot is an advanced cell phone sync software solution that allows users to:
manage contact information
access the Internet and check e-mails while on the go
personalize cell phones with ring tones and images
transfer photos and videos from camera phones without charges from the carrier
stay in sync with appointments in Outlook or Outlook Express
The included software program supports over 400 different handsets.  The included cable(s) in this kit only support the listed phones.  You can get additional cables to use the Datapilot with additional phones.  Each kit can connect and transfer data to a maximum of 8 different supported handsets.  Features supported by DataPilot is different for each phone.  Please refer to this page for all phones and corresponding features supported by this kit.   Due to software licensing, this item is non-refundable and non-exchangeable once opened.

DataPilot Sanyo Kit include one DataPilot Software CD and one Sanyo USB cables. 

Not in stock

The above Susteen Datapilot LG Kit supports the following features for the Blackberry 8310 Curve

 Phonebook Manager 
  • Back up & restore your cell phone contacts on your computer
  • Stay in sync with your Outlook, Outlook Express, and Palm Desktop contact information
  • Edit your cell phone phonebook info from the convenience of your PC
 Calendar Manager 
  • Sync your cell phone schedule with your outlook appointments
  • Edit your cell phone calendar from your computer and transfer it back to your phone

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